Hands up who likes annual report writing? There aren’t many takers but I consider it an enjoyable challenge to make reports as engaging as possible.

The annual report is an important document. If you have ever written one you’ll know it takes a lot of time and effort gathering the relevant pieces of information. Once you’ve done that, you have to sit down and write something that is coherent, chronological and gets your messages across.

Annual reports contain a lot of statutory information including finance and governance but they are also an opportunity to highlight the achievements and vision of your business.

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They don’t have to be some dry weighty tome and a combination of writing skill and design layout can produce an attractive easy-to-read document.

This can be as informative to an employee wanting a better understanding of the company as it is to a stakeholder or potential new customer.

I have experience of report writing in local government and the health service and have overseen every aspect of a report’s evolution from pre-planning to writing copy, arranging photographs, graphics and publication. See examples of report page here.