I want you to get the best value you can from me so I always go the extra mile for customers at no extra cost.

The majority of us are feeling the squeeze and, quite rightly, want to see both results and value for our money. So how does that work?

We initially have a chat via email, phone or Skype about what you need or, if it is agreeable, meet in person. Draft copy is sent back to you within a week for comment when I can make any additions or corrections.

The word count of the story is agreed in advance along with the cost. I don’t charge for travel or interview time.

My priority is to ensure you are happy with the copy and it is right for your audience. I can tailor a piece so it can also be used as a news release, longer feature-style story, web copy or series of tweets.

This isn’t a license to demand a whole raft of additional work for free but I am reasonable and don’t mind going the extra mile if it means turning a satisfied customer into a happy one.

Here is an example of a profile article about Karen Bilimoria, Chairman of Cobra Beer.