Newspapers and magazines essentially consist of two types of writing:

An example of the difference between a news and a feature story may be a short factual report of a major flood compared to a longer piece looking at the flood’s impact through the eyes of the local community and how it has affected their lives.

Another example might be a report of an athlete winning a race compared to  a piece about their personal struggle to recover from injury crowned by their latest success on the track.

Many smaller or specialist publications will always consider running articles of interest to their readers if they are well written, topical, relevant and not rampant exercises in self-promotion.

I can help you identify, pitch and write stories. These range from news releases and opinion pieces to longer feature style stories. There are a lot of publications out there but also a lot of competition so it helps to know how things work. The key to good media coverage – unless you have a natural humdinger of a story on your hands – is a combination of the following: