It’s as easy as breathing to the under 40s and a potential choking hazard to those older who prefer the telephone and hope it all just goes away.

Social media, like any other skill, has levels of competency and complexity. It’s designed to be easy and user friendly and is simply about communicating with people through a variety of ..?.. including Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.


Here’s some of the stuff it’s used for without tripping your circuits:


Handling complaints

Responding to enquiries

More ..

Every major national media outlet gives you the opportunity to response to their articles via online blogs. The key to seeing your comments in print is to keep them short, informative and perceptive.



Not sure how to apply it to your business? No problem. I can help you get started with some simple no-nonsense guidance. Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and it requires patience and effort. Oh and it is fun so don’t sweat it.